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The first feature that is powered by OpenResty

See the company blog post here for details: especially my comment at the bottom of the web page. Have fun! Advertisements

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基于 Perl 的 Firefox 插件开发框架 XUL::App 发布

我很高兴地宣布 XUL::App 已经发布到了 CPAN: XUL::App 是 Yahoo! 4E team 开发的基于 Perl 的 Firefox 插件的开发框架,最初是为了简化搜索引擎平行比较工具 SearchAll 插件的开发工作而设计的。随后,我们又利用 XUL::App 框架开发了一款能从 Google Reader 中导出 RSS 数据项的小插件 ExportReader。有趣的是,ExportReader 总共只手写了约 10 行 Perl 代码和 20 行 JavaScript 代码。最近,我又花了几个小时的时间,把原来我们 FE 开发的"雅虎收藏+"插件移植到了 XUL::App 框架中,从而使得调试和打包工作都只是简单的一条命令。(引用晓栓同学的话说,就是"今天下午看Agent 调程序,那是相当的酷:)") … Continue reading

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UML::Class::Simple 0.10 released

I’ve just uploaded UML::Class::Simple 0.10 to CPAN with the highlight of the XMI format support. It will appear on the CPAN mirror near you in the next few hours. Thanks Maxim Zenin for contributing this feature 🙂 A Japanese user … Continue reading

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Optimizing Haskell code: from String to ByteString

Haskell’s built-in strings are notoriously slow. The String type in Haskell is [Char] per se. I was told that there was a much faster alternative provided by the bytestring (or fps) library by the Pugs blog a few years ago. … Continue reading

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