My fork of ngx_eval 2011.01.12 released

People have been reporting issues of my fork of ngx_eval when using it with recent versions of nginx. I’ve updated it to version 2011.01.12 to compatible with nginx 0.8.54+:

Now "eval_subrequest_in_memory" is off by default. Because subrequest_in_memory mode is still having issues.

Here’s a small example for using ngx_eval with my ngx_redis2, an nginx upstream module that supports almost the full Redis 2.0 unified wire protocol:

location /foo {
eval_override_content_type ‘application/octet-stream’;
eval_subrequest_in_memory off;
eval $res {
redis2_literal_raw_query ‘set one 5\r\nfirst\r\n’;
echo [$res];

Accessing /foo with curl yields



on my side.

Please ensure that you’re using nginx 0.8.54+ and the latest version of my fork of ngx_eval (at lease 2010.12.29+ is required).

If you find any issues, please let me know.

Special thanks go to Valery Kholodkov for creating ngx_eval in the first place.

P.S. Still, it’s recommended to use ngx_lua module’s rewrite_by_lua or access_by_lua directives combined by the "ngx.location.capture" API to do what my fork of ngx_eval has been doing.

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