ngx_lua v0.1.1: access_by_lua and access_by_lua_file landed

After the first public release of ngx_lua, I’m proud to annouce the v0.1.1 version, which has introduced the access_by_lua and access_by_lua_file directives:

Now we can code up our own nginx access-phase handlers directly in pure Lua, with all the capabilities with rewrite_by_lua and content_by_lua, like firing up subrequests to other locations, reading/writing nginx variables, changing response headers, internal redirection, HTTP 301/302 redirection, throwing out 403/500/etc error pages, and etc etc etc.

Here’s a small example that emulates ngx_auth_request’s functionality in pure Lua:

location / {
access_by_lua ‘
local res = ngx.location.capture("/auth")
if res.status == ngx.HTTP_OK then
if res.status == ngx.HTTP_FORBIDDEN then

# proxy_pass/fastcgi_pass/postgres_pass/…

which is approximately equivalent to

location / {
auth_request /auth;

# proxy_pass/fastcgi_pass/postgres_pass/…

except that "auth_request" runs at the beginning of the nginx access phase while "access_by_lua" runs at the end of the access phase.

ngx_lua is an nginx C module that embeds the Lua or LuaJIT interpreter into the nginx core and you can find the latest source code and the complete documentation here


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